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Product Notice - April 3, 2002


  • AMC-102 AC Motor Controller, 4-20mA Input, 2A - 117VAC
  • AMC-102A AC Motor Controller, 4-20mA Input, 2A - 234VAC
  • AMC-102B AC Motor Controller, 4-20mA Input, 2A - 24VAC

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  • AMC-103 AC Motor Controller, 2A - 117VAC
  • AMC-103A AC Motor Controller, 2A - 234VAC
  • AMC-103B AC Motor Controller, 2A - 24VAC

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Replacing AMC-102x with AMC-103x (refer to Datasheets for complete details)


The AMC-103x has the same package and mounting dimensions, allowing it to directly replace an AMC-102x.


The AMC-103x has a 13-pin screw terminal strip vs. the AMC-102x 12 pin screw terminal strip. When replacing an AMC-102x with an AMC-103x, care should be taken in properly wiring the unit - the terminal numbers do not match between the two units.

The AMC-103x terminal strip can accept larger wire sizes (up to 12 AWG) than the AMC-102x terminal strip (wire sizes up to 14 AWG).

The AMC-103x has a field replaceable fuse (see Datasheet for replacement type), while the AMC-102x does not have this feature.

The AMC-103x powers the feedback potentiometer with +5V instead of +2.5V on the AMC-102x. This does not result in any functional difference and both units can accept potentiometer values from 1K ohms to 10K ohms.

The (+)4-20mA command signal connected to an AMC-102x should be connect to the (+)4-20mA / 1-5V IN terminal on an AMC-103x, and the (-)4-20mA connection on an AMC-102x should be connected to the SIGNAL GND terminal on an AMC-103x. Note, that the AMC-103x must be configured for a 4-20mA command signal by setting the on-board jumper plugs (see AMC-103 Datasheet for details on configuring the unit).


As a direct replacement of the AMC-102x, the AMC-103x functions identically.

The AMC-103x can also be configured for a 1-5V, 0-5V, or 0-10V command signal by setting the on-board jumper plugs (see Datasheet for details), whereas the AMC-102x can only accept a 4-20mA command signal.

The AMC-103x provides an auxiliary +12V power output used for powering a Peaktronics transmitter - this feature is not available with the AMC-102x. Transmitters are available for providing position feedback signals (either 4-20mA or 0-5/10V), manual control command signals, or for converting 135 ohm slide wire controls to 4-20mA command signals. Since Peaktronics mounting kits already have the provision for mounting a transmitter, an AMC-102x installation can be easily upgraded with an AMC-103x and a transmitter (refer to the specific mounting kit for details).

For applications using 10 second actuators, or slower, the AMC-103x provides higher resolution than the AMC-102x.