Data Sheets

Peaktronics Data Sheets Provide Specs and Information for Our Actuator Products and Accessories

If you need more information on a Peaktronics product, locate your product by part number, then click on the pdf icon. If, by chance, the product you have does not have a corresponding spec sheet, feel free to give us a call. Our tech department is available to answer any questions or provide suggestions for products or modifications that will solve your actuator automation issue.


Model Number Datasheet (PDF) List Price
ADM-100 800-119F.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ADM-100A 800-119F.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ADM-100B 800-119F.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ADM-100C 800-119F.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ADM-101 800-187B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ADM-101A 800-187B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ADM-101B 800-187B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ADM-101C 800-187B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-100 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-100A 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-100B 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-100C 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-100D 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-100E 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-101 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-101A 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-101B 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-101C 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-101D 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-101E 800-3G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-102 Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMC-102A Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMC-102B Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMC-103 800-110B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-103A 800-110B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMC-103B 800-110B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMI-100 Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon  N/A
AMI-100A Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMI-100B Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMI-100C Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMI-100D Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMI-100E Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMI-101 Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMI-101A Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMI-101B Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMI-101C Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMI-101D Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMI-101E Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
AMI-103 800-181A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMI-103A 800-181A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMI-103B 800-181A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMI-103H 800-181B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMI-104 800-182A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AMM-100 800-146C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
APC-100 800-76B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AST-100 800-152B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AST-100A 800-152B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
AST-100B 800-152B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ATT-100 800-25A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ATT-101A 800-25A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ATT-101B 800-25A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ATT-101C 800-25A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ATT-101D 800-25A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ATT-101E 800-25A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
CAP-100 $ Call
CAP-101 $ Call
CHD-100 800-27C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
CIC-100 Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon $ Call
CLC-100 800-77B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
CLC-101 $ Call
CLC-102 $ Call
CLC-103 $ Call
CLC-104 $ Call
CLC-105 $ Call
CLC-106 $ Call
CLI-100B 800-50D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
CON-101 800-89C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
CPM-100 $ Call
CPM-100A $ Call
CPM-100B $ Call
DHC-100 800-206B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DHC-100A 800-128I.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DHC-100B 800-206B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DHC-100C Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon $ NA
DHC-100D 800-206B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DHC-100E Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
DHC-200 800-207B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DHC-200A 800-207B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DHC-200B 800-207B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DHC-300 Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
DHC-300A Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
DHC-300B Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
DHC-301 800-208B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DHC-400 800-183E.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DMC-100 Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
DMC-100A Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
DMC-100B Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
DMC-100C Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
DMC-100D Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
DMC-100E Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
DMC-101 800-90C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DMC-102 800-199B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DMC-102A 800-199B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DMI-100 800-212B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DMI-100A 800-212B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DPC-100 800-216B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DPC-100A 800-216B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DST-100 800-147C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
DST-100A 800-147C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
ECH-100 800-29A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
EEF-100 800-168A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
EEF-101 800-180A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
EXE-100 800-166A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
EXE-101 $ Call
FER-100    $ Call
HAT-100 800-204C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
HAT-100A 800-204C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
HAT-100B 800-204C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
HAT-100C 800-204C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
JBX-100   $ Call
LRC-101A 800-81C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
LRC-101B 800-81C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
LRC-101C 800-81C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
LRC-101D 800-81C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
LRC-101E 800-81C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
LRC-101F 800-81C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
LRC-101G 800-81C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
LRC-101H 800-81C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
LRC-101I 800-81C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-102   $ Call
MKT-103   $ Call
MKT-104 800-65I.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-106 800-106E.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-107 800-68H.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-109   $ Call
MKT-110 800-107B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-111   $ Call
MKT-112   $ Call
MKT-115   $ Call
MKT-117 800-144C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-118 800-136G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-118A 800-159E.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-119 800-178D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-119A 800-179C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-119S $ Call
MKT-120 800-125C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-121   $ Call
MKT-121A   $ Call
MKT-122 800-123B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-124   $ Call
MKT-125   $ Call
MKT-126   $ Call
MKT-127   $ Call
MKT-127A   $ Call
MKT-127S $ Call
MKT-128 800-122D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-129   $ Call
MKT-131   $ Call
MKT-132   $ Call
MKT-133 800-108A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-134 800-109B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-136 800-114C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-137 800-118E.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-137A 800-162B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-139 800-124C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-140 800-126C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-141   $ Call
MKT-141A   $ Call
MKT-142 800-131D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-142A 800-150D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-143 800-130A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-145   $ Call
MKT-146 800-133D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-147 800-139D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-149   $ Call
MKT-150   $ Call
MKT-151   $ Call
MKT-151A   $ Call
MKT-152 800-153D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-153   $ Call
MKT-153A $ Call
MKT-154   $ Call
MKT-155 800-158G.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-155A 800-201A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-157 800-148E.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-158 800-149E.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-160   $ Call
MKT-162   $ Call
MKT-165 800-177B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-166   $ Call
MKT-167 800-165D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-168   $ Call
MKT-169 $ Call
MKT-170 800-172B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MKT-171 $ Call
MKT-172 $ Call
MKT-197A $ Call
MKT-198 $ Call
MKT-199 $ Call
MKT-200 $ Call
MKT-201 $ Call
MKT-202 $ Call
MKT-203 $ Call
MKT-204 $ Call
MKT-205 $ Call
MKT-206 $ Call
MKT-207 $ Call
MKT-208 $ Call
MKT-209 $ Call
MLT-100A 800-55D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MTB-100 800-32A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
MTB-102   $ Call
MTB-103   $ Call
MTB-104   $ Call
MTB-105   $ Call
MTB-108   $ Call
MTB-109   $ Call
OCM-101   N/A
OCM-102 800-191A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
OCM-103 800-211A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
OTR-100 800-145C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
OTR-101 800-189A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
OTX-100 800-145C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
OTX-101 800-154D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
POT-101 800-56B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
POT-102 800-94A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
POT-103   $ Call
POT-104 800-137C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
POT-106 800-95A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
POT-111   $ Call
POT-112   $ Call
PPL-100C 800-104C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
PPL-100R 800-104C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
PPL-101C 800-104C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
PWR-102 800-74B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
PWR-102A 800-74B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
PWR-102B $ Call
RCM-101 800-59C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RCM-101A 800-59C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RCM-101B 800-59C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RCM-101C 800-59C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RCM-101D 800-59C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RCT-100 Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
RCT-100A Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
RCT-100B Discontinued Product Info pdf-icon N/A
RCT-101 800-205B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RCT-101A 800-205B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RCT-101B 800-205B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RHM-100 800-202C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RHM-100A 800-202C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RHM-100B 800-202C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RHM-100C 800-202C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RHM-100D 800-202C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RHM-100E 800-202C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
RLY-100   $ Call
RLY-101   $ Call
RLY-102   $ Call
RLY-103   $ Call
RLY-104   $ Call
SIG-100 800-164A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SIG-101 800-188A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SLR-100   $ Call
SLR-101   $ Call
SLR-102   $ Call
SNE-100   $ Call
SPC-100 800-78B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SSD-100 800-170C.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SUB-100 800-167A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SUB-101 800-176B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SVC-100 800-5F.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SVC-100A 800-5F.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SVC-100B 800-5F.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SVC-100C 800-5F.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SVC-100D 800-5F.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SVC-100E 800-5F.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SVC-100R $ Call
SVC-100S $ Call
SVC-100V $ Call
SVC-102 800-129B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SVC-102A 800-129B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
SVC-102B 800-129B.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
TSP-101 800-33D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
TSP-102 800-33D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
TSP-103   $ Call
XFR-100 800-171A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
XMA-101 800-35D.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
XMA-104A 800-13F.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
XMA-105 800-62I.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
XMA-106 800-97A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
XMA-107 800-155A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call
XMA-108 800-175A.pdf pdf-icon $ Call