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Product Notice - June 23, 2015


  • DMC-100 DC Motor Controller, Snaptrack, 15A locked rotor, 10-30VDC
  • DMC-100A DC Motor Controller, standoff mount, 15A locked rotor, 10-30VDC
  • DMC-100B DC Motor Controller, Snaptrack, 0-5A current trip, 10-30VDC
  • DMC-100C DC Motor Controller, standoff mount, 0-5A current trip, 10-30VDC
  • DMC-100D DC Motor Controller, Snaptrack, 2-15A current trip, 10-30VDC
  • DMC-100E DC Motor Controller, standoff mount, 2-15A current trip, 10-30VDC


800-71E PDF Product Notice  - June 23, 2015 - Product Information - Peaktronics - pdf-icon  DMC-100x Datasheet
800-200A PDF Product Notice  - June 23, 2015 - Product Information - Peaktronics - pdf-icon  DMC-100x wiring diagrams (existing installations)


  • DMC-102 DC Motor Controller, bracket mount, 10A running/60A locked rotor, 10-30VDC
  • DMC-102A DC Motor Controller, bracket mount, 0-12A current trip/60A locked rotor, 10-30VDC

800-199APDF Product Notice  - June 23, 2015 - Product Information - Peaktronics - pdf-icon  DMC-102x Datasheet

Replacing DMC-100x with DMC-102x (refer to Datasheets for complete details)


The DMC-102x has compatible mounting and outline dimensions, allowing it to directly replace a DMC-100x.

The DMC-100, DMC-100B, and DMC-100D units are packaged on a plastic Snaptrack base.  Mounting a DMC-102 or DMC-102A in place of these units may require using (2) #6-32 x 0.375" mounting screws.

ELECTRICAL (technical support available from Peaktronics Sales at 248-542-5640)

The DMC-100x J2 connector has 10 pins to accommodate field wiring to the actuator.  Four of the connections are used for the current trip feature on the DMC-100B, DMC-100C, DMC-100D, and DMC-100E.  When replacing these units with a DMC-102A, the current trip connections are made to J3.  The DMC-102x J2 connector has 6 pins to accommodate the remaining field wires.

The DMC-102x includes an Electronic Surge Limiting feature, allowing it to be used with motors rated up to 60A locked rotor current.  When replacing an existing DMC-100x installation that uses external surge limiting resistors and capacitors, those devices should be removed and are not required by the DMC-102x.

The DMC-102x has a typical standby current draw of 38mA, whereas the DMC-100x has a typical standby current draw of 20mA.


As a direct replacement of the DMC-100x, the DMC-102x functions identically.

The Electronic Surge Limiting feature in the DMC-102x reduces battery/power supply requirements to the greater of  20% of locked rotor current or the current trip setting.  The DMC-102 has a fixed current trip setting of 12A, while the DMC-102A has an adjustable current trip setting of 0-12A.  Additionally, the DMC-102x motor driver is designed for longer life and reliability vs. the DMC-100x.

The DMC-100x uses jumper plugs to select a command signal type and to configure the loss of command function. The DMC-102x has a more convenient bank of 5 DIP switches to do the same.

The DMC-102x also has a Log Rate feature that is enabled or disabled by one of the DIP switches.  The Log Rate function allows the actuator to be used in continuous modulating applications without damage to the actuator motor.

The LED indicators on the DMC-100x indicate when the motor is turned on in one direction or the other.  The DMC-102x also indicates when an end-of-travel limit switch is reached, when the feedback signal is out of range, when a low battery voltage condition is detected, and when an overvoltage condition is detected.

The DMC-102x provides larger trimpots for the Zero, Span, and Deadband adjustments, allowing for easier calibration.  The DMC-100x has a multiturn trimpot for the current trip setting, which requires the use of a DVM to set.  The DMC-102A has a single turn trimpot that provides indication of the setting.

The DMC-102x Zero and Span adjustments can be set to any position within the feedback signal range.  This allows the unit to be calibrated for reverse acting applications without the need for rewiring.