Power Loop Controllers

Peaktronics Power Loop Controllers for Automation

The Peaktronics power loop is a 2-wire connection that is ideal for pneumatic actuator applications where AC power is not available at the actuator. The 2-wire power loop powers the positioner (the PPL-100R Remote Module) while carrying the command signal to the actuator and a position feedback signal from the actuator.

The PPL-100R remote module is a compact solid state positioner that can be used to replace bulky and costly I/P controls in new or existing installations (using existing wires).

The PPL-100C and PPL-101C command modules are used to interface commonly used signals for the command and feedback to the power loop. The command module is mounted in control panels where AC power and control signals are available.

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PPL Units

Model Description List
PPL-100C Power Loop Controllers: Pneumatic Actuators | Peaktronics - pdf-icon 117VAC Command Module $ Call
PPL-101C Power Loop Controllers: Pneumatic Actuators | Peaktronics - pdf-icon 234VAC Command Module $ Call
PPL-100R Power Loop Controllers: Pneumatic Actuators | Peaktronics - pdf-icon Remote Module (positioner) $ Call